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Access and availability of abortion around the world

Previous analytical material provided statistics from the Center for Reproductive Health, according to which 59% of women of childbearing age worldwide live in countries that allow abortion, while 41% of women live under legislation that prevents access to safe and legal abortion

It was also mentioned that countries that allow abortions are countries, where abortion is allowed on request or on social or economic grounds. Whereas national laws in other countries prohibit abortion or allow it only in limited circumstances, such as when a woman’s life or health is at stake.

A total ban on abortion, as well as restrictions on the exercise of the right to abortion, leads to the spread of such phenomena as “outpatient” abortions and “abortion tourism”. Thus, almost 23,000 women die each year as a result of complications due to unsafe abortions. According to the World Health Organization, almost every death caused by a dangerous abortion could be avoided by accessing safe and legal abortion services.

Despite the positive trend towards the liberalization of abortion laws around the world, there are still many problems in resolving this issue. Therefore, states must ensure access, availability, acceptability and quality of abortion services.