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All-Ukrainian Forum of Women-Lawyers is an event that brings together over 200 women-lawyers from all over Ukraine, including female advocates, judges, notaries, representatives of law enforcement agencies, human rights activists and other specialists in the sphere of law

All-Ukrainian legal forum is a platform for:

– joint discussion on the issues of women’s rights protection in Ukraine

 – search and unity of like-minded persons for conducting of strategic affairs

 – networking, mentoring, professional and personal development

The forum is intended to draw attention of legal community to the issues of women’s rights protection, in particular to their access to legal profession, challenges they face with, and to discuss professional achievements of women-lawyers

On 8th -9th of June, 2018, the First All-Ukrainian Forum of Women-Lawyers on the topic “Women in the legal profession: achievements, challenges and impact on the quality of legal protection” will take place in Kyiv city

One of the most important topics which is going to be discussed this year is access to justice for women from vulnerable groups. Women who suffer from domestic violence, other gender-based violence, sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination require professional legal assistance. In addition, relevant legislation requires development and improvement

Women-Lawyers from different legal activity spheres will consider the practical aspects of anti-discrimination legislation application and analyze barriers to women’s rights protection, in particular for those who are from vulnerable groups. As a result of the Forum will be formed the recommendations for improvement of the legislation and enforcement practices in the field of women’s rights protection.

Participation in the Forum is free of charge, the selection of participants will be realized on a competitive basis.The advantage to participate in the Forum will be provided for members of JurFem. Organizers provide with accommodation, meals, compensation of both side tickets in case of presence of train tickets (not higher than the 2nd class of Intercity trains or a roomette or by bus)

The Initiative of All-Ukrainian Forum of Women-Lawyers is being realized with the support of the project “Affordable and Qualitative Legal Aid in Ukraine”, is being implemented by Canadian Bureau of International Education in partnership with the Legal Aid Coordination Center and funded by Canada Government