Educational course "Gender Equality and Women's Rights" - Jurfem

Educational course “Gender Equality and Women’s Rights”

The course “Gender Equality and Women’s Rights” was developed by experts of the Ukrainian Women Lawyer Association “JurFem”: Hrystyna Kit (Feminist Theory of Law: Basic Approaches and Its Importance for the Development of Law, Concept of Gender Discrimination in National and International Law), Yaryna Voloshyn (Concept and Legal Nature of Gender and Feminism) , Olga Poiedynok (Feminism in International Law), Olena Kharytonova (Body, Power, Gender and Protection against Gender Violence) and Larysa Denysenko (Gender Equality in the Media).

The course developed by the Ukrainian Women Lawyer Association “JurFem” within the framework of the Gender-Sensitive Student Legal Environment Project, supported by the American people, provided through the USAID New Justice Agency through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
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