III All-Ukrainian Forum of Women-Lawyers - Jurfem

How do we see ourselves in professions to represent and protect women’s rights? How do we speak? Do we know how to position ourselves and our values?

Key topics of the Third All-Ukrainian Forum of Lawyers:
– public and internal communication;
– advocacy campaigns to protect women’s rights;
– visibility of a lawyer in a professional environment.

More than 100 lawyers from all over Ukraine – lawyers, judicial authorities, notaries, law enforcement officials, human rights defenders, and other legal professionals – come together to work together to protect women’s rights in Ukraine.

You will find like-minded people for strategic matters, ideas, and professional and personal development resources at the Forum. Here everyone hears each other and speaks a common language, taking into account different opinions. This was the case in previous years, and it will be even better this year.

The Forum calls for the legal community to draw attention to the protection of women’s rights, particularly their access to the legal profession, the challenges facing lawyers, and reports on the professional achievements of lawyers.

Kyiv, June 18, 2021.

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