International Action “A Day of Empathy With Ukraine’s Women and Children” (March 8, 2022) - Jurfem

International Action “A Day of Empathy With Ukraine’s Women and Children” (March 8, 2022)

Ukrainian Women-Lawyers Association “JurFem” joins the call of the Ukrainian Government Commissioner for Gender Equality Policy to provide the International Day of Solidarity with the Women and Children, who have become Victims of Putin’s Genocidal War against an Independent Democratic Ukraine on March 8th, 2022.

On this International Women’s Day, a day of solidarity with women standing up for their rights, we suggest that women of Europe and the USA, and around the globe, show their compassion and concern in a common demonstration of empathy with the women and children of Ukraine who are now living under the threat of Russian bombardment.

Please launch “A Day of Empathy With Ukraine’s Women and Children.”

In addition to demonstrating with placards appealing for the provision of air cover for Ukraine, please devote this special day of 8 March to the cultivation of empathy for Ukrainian women and children. Prepare for yourself an emergency “Go-Bag” (a knapsack with your essentials, important documents, and survival supplies in case of evacuation), tape up your windows against their shattering in a bomb blast, sit in the dark after nightfall, and cover your windows so that your lights don’t betray your presence inside, divide up your available food into portions to ensure that your provisions last several days or weeks, and imagine, that there is no way to get more food to feed your family.

And most importantly, think about how you would explain to your children what is happening around you and where your normal life has gone. How would you explain to them about war and why another country is bombing your homes and why uniformed strangers bearing another country’s flag are killing innocent peaceful neighbors.

This conversation about the realities of war may be useful in the future for the children of Europe and the United States, when Putin, having destroyed Ukraine, turns his sights on other territories.

Photograph your actions taken on this day of solidarity and post them on social media, to show the world what you would do to preserve your family and community in the face of such a war. Let your fellow citizens and your governments know that you are convinced that we need to help the peace-loving Ukrainian people NOW. We need to show world leaders that democracy and freedom go hand in hand.

Dedicate this day of solidarity to the 20th Anniversary of the 8-9 March 2002 United Nations General Assembly special session on “A World Fit for Children” which reaffirmed the member states’ commitment to the promises of the 1990 World Summit for Children.

Let us recommit to these ideals and stand in solidarity with the Ukrainians and with all of Ukraine’s women and children!