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  • JurFem exists to draw attention to progresses made by women in the legal profession, as well as to solve problems women-lawyers still have to face with
  • Join the network of female judges, lawyers and other legal professionals who want to succeed and encourage other women to this
  • Make sure that JurFem provides you with opportunities for professional development and communication, mentoring and much more!


The Association of Women-Lawyers of Ukraine “JurFem” is the first association of women- lawyers in Ukraine and is intended to become a platform for the exchange of experience, development and support of women in the legal profession.

Our tasks:

  • To promote the professional capacity of women- lawyers and their level of representation, to strengthen the women- lawyers leadership in professional associations and other organizations;
  • To promote the development of effective cooperation and mutual understanding between women-lawyers, professional national and international organizations of women-lawyers, scientific and other legal communities;
  • To improve the understanding of legal community of national and international law on equal rights and opportunities for women and men for effective protection of women’s rights and opportunities in all spheres of social and political life in Ukraine;
  • to stand on the rights and interests of women-lawyers;
  • to stand on the rights and interests of women, including those who have suffered from violence and discrimination or are in other crisis situations;
  • To monitor and investigate the rights of women in Ukraine, in particular women-lawyers, as well as the principle of gender equality and non-discrimination in Ukraine.

“JurFem” was officially registered in September 2017.

Statutory documents


Association of Women- Lawyers of Ukraine “JurFem” is created to unite women-lawyers for providing leadership and necessary resources to promote women in legal profession and protect women’s rights and opportunities in all spheres of social and political life.

According to Association’s Statute, members of Association can be women, citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who have obtained higher law education, and students of legal specialties, subject to the recognition of Association’s goal and tasks, the desire to participate in its work, active promotion and implementation of Association’s statutory tasks.

Association membership is fixed and confirmed by the entry in Association Member Register.

Association members are obliged to:
• to comply the Statute requirements and decisions of governing bodies related to the implementation of Association’s statutory tasks;
• to contribute the implementation of Association’s statutory tasks;
• to promote the idea, purpose, statutory tasks and activities of the Association;
• to pay membership and other contributions in time in amount and procedure established by Association Board;
• to comply the requirements of governing bodies of Association regarding the procedure and condition of personal data use and other information that is confidential.


Leadership! Develop leadership skills by joining the management team of JurFem and participating in the events organization.

Professional development! Visit our events in the field of law for professionals, use discounts up to 100% on paid events and the opportunity to participate hors concourse.

Help from colleagues! Obtain methodological and informational assistance in expert work or conduction of strategic affairs; take advantage of professional rights and interests representation and protection opportunities.

Mentoring! Participate in mentoring programs, share professional experience with beginners and students of law school during our events.

Professional Networking! The number of JurFem members continues to grow! Meet and communicate with women-lawyers colleagues with a wide range of experience and knowledge from different parts of Ukraine and foreign colleagues; find like-minded persons and allies.

Are you still not with us? Join the community of Ukrainian Women-Lawyers Association!