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JurFem webinars: sexual and domestic violence in conflict situations

Another central area of ​​JurFem`s work during the war is the holding of various webinars to help deal with difficult topics.

JurFem creates webinars in which sexual violence, domestic violence in conflict situations and legal assistance in these cases are discussed in detail.

You can learn more about sexual violence as a war crime in Artem Krykun-Trush’s webinar. In this webinar Artem talks about sexual violence as an international criminal offense, and analyzes the Rome Statute regarding this crime and the Criminal Code of Ukraine. He also tells how to file a felony sexual assault report and goes into more detail about everything related to this issue.

Maria Zheltuha tells in detail about sexual violence as a crime of genocide. She answered whether sexual violence is a crime of genocide, and talks about the international practice regarding this issue.

Anastasia Maltseva talks meaningfully about domestic violence in wartime in her webinar. Anastasia talks about forms of domestic violence, response measures, responsibility for domestic violence and other topical issues related to domestic violence in times of war.

You can also watch a webinar on the differences between rape and conflict-related sexual violence. Anastasia Didenkoe reveals to you the differences between these two concepts as well  forms of such actions, their main features and difference.

Myroslava Anniuk talks about legal assistance to victims of conflict-related sexual violence in a webinar. During the webinar Myroslava explained the rights of the victims and talked about the evidence of sexual violence. Also, you will be able to get an answer to the question of what to do if you have witnessed sexual violence.

In Lilia Oliynyk’s webinar on protecting the privacy of victims of sexual violence, you will carefully analyze the right to privacy and confidentiality of victims of sexual violence. In addition, Lilia Oliynyk held another webinar – on compensation for moral damage caused by conflict-related sexual violence.

Tamara Bugaiets spoke about conflict-related sexual violence against minors. In this webinar, you can learn how to identify such violence, where to go and what to do if you encounter this violence. Tamara explained the responsibility for such a crime and shared her experience of working with children who suffered from sexual violence during the war.

You can learn a lot of useful and relevant information about sexual and domestic violence in webinars from JurFem. You will get answers to your questions and meet specialists in your field who will help you understand all the issues.