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Moral and Ethical Aspects of Abortion

Here is an overview of the moral and ethical features of the legalization and prohibition of abortion. The article presents arguments of both supporters of the right to abortion and people who support its prohibition. An analysis of this issue has shown that the ban on abortion leads to an increase in illegal abortions and, as a result, maternal mortality and infertility.

As mentioned in the previous article, the right to abortion is one of a woman’s reproductive rights. The right to abortion is closely linked to the right to family planning and the right to life. In this regard, the issue of abortion is a complex moral and ethical issue that affects a number of fundamental ethical issues, namely: the attitude of women to abortion, the attitude of family, community, state, church to this problem, as well as the degree the impact of public policy on personal decision making.

The problem of abortion affects the fate of several people at once – a woman who has decided to terminate a pregnancy and an embryo (fetus) in her womb. This problem can also affect the biological father of the unborn child, because he, on a par with a woman, has the right to start a family. However, it is a woman to be pregnant and bear a child, so the problem of abortion directly affects the mother and child.


Thus, there is one main question, which, apparently, is the moral and ethical problem: whether to allow abortion or prohibit it.