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Single Mother: Grounds for obtaining status, Rights and Obligations

Today, “single motherhood” as a legal status allows the use of appropriate assistance from the state and, at the same time, defines a number of responsibilities. Thus, the responsibilities of parents are assigned to single mothers, which are enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine and the Family Code of Ukraine. This makes sense, as responsibilities such as caring for and raising children should be performed regardless of the number of family members. Accordingly, because of the fact that single mother is, in fact, burdened with the responsibilities of both parents, the state tries to take care of such a less protected section of the population by providing her with certain types of social assistance.

It should be noted that the legislation should be aimed at taking into account the interests of women who raise children independently and their children. However, there are cases when single mothers are very little or not aware of the peculiarities of their legal status. This is easily explained by the fact that such a term as “single mother” is not enshrined in any legal act. Therefore, we propose to consider some issues of the legal status of single others.