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The Right to Abortion as one of a Woman’s Reproductive Rights: an Introduction to the Problem

This analytical material is devoted to the problem of women’s access to the right to abortion. Only 59% of women worldwide have access to this right. Others, 41% of women, are denied access to safe and legal abortion. The material reveals the concept of abortion, contains the legal regulation of this issue, as well as reveals the grounds for abortion, which are used by individual states.

The right to abortion is one of a woman’s reproductive rights and enshrined in law. It is protected by numerous international human rights treaties and other regulations at the national level around the world.

Such restrictions force women to circumvent the law, looking for illegal ways to terminate a pregnancy. For example, BBC news Ukraine published the story of a Polish woman who became pregnant at the age of 19 but did not want to give birth. Given Poland’s policy on this issue, she could not have an abortion in her hometown, so she decided to terminate the pregnancy in Ukraine because it is cheaper than in other neighboring countries.

The vast majority of abortions occur due to unwanted pregnancies, which are usually the result of ineffective use or non-use of contraceptives. Some unpredictable pregnancies are the result of rape and incest. Other pregnancies become undesirable after a change in life circumstances or because abortion can have negative consequences for a woman’s health and well-being. Thus, safe abortions will always be needed.

Nevertheless, the world is still actively discussing the moral, religious and legal status of abortion. It distinguishes two main groups: “Pro-choice” (for the right of women to choose, to have a child or not) and “Pro-life” (for the right of the fetus to life from conception). Each group seeks to influence public opinion and legislators to gain legal support for its position.

As there is currently no single clear approach to resolving this issue, each state has the right to decide for itself which position to follow. But in any case, you should think carefully and weigh all the pros and cons, because as Ronald Reagan said: “Everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” Therefore, to get answers to your questions, read on.