Work digest of Analytical Center JurFem. Quarter 1, 2022. - Jurfem

Work digest of Analytical Center JurFem. Quarter 1, 2022.

This brochure highlights the work and issues we dealt with in the first three months of 2022.

In addition to ordinary and planned issues, we had to deal with the issues associated with the war russia has been waging in Ukraine.

At the same time, Analytical Center JurFem continues to promote gender equality and nondiscrimination in Ukraine, and here is a review of our work over a period from January to March 2022.

Digest consists review of our analytical materials, research work, reviews of ECHR and Supreme Court resolutions, etc.

Analytical Center JurFem continues its permanent work aimed at implementing a gender-sensitive approach to legislation by joining the drafting of bills, conducting gender and legal expert evaluation of bills, researching the protection of Women’s Rights in Ukraine, and advocating in general women’s rights in Ukraine. More details about our work during that period are available in the organization’s annual reports.